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8 July 2012

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Brett Garsed - Rock Guitar Improvisation [Instructional DVD]
Rock Guitar Improvisation

New DVD/CD Package Deal!

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Welcome to Brett Garsed's official website. Brett is an Australian guitar player well known for his work with local pop icon John Farnham and the rock band Nelson. To guitar aficionados he is probably best known for his scintillating instrumental collaborations with US guitarist TJ Helmerich. Their two releases for the now-defunct Legato Records label, Quid Pro Quo & Exempt, are among the most sought-after albums of the genre.

What they said:

"He is really a gift to the planet."
- Gunnar Nelson, December 2000
"He's one of the best on the planet, there's no question . . ."
- Bobby Rock, July 1998
"Brett, in particular, I really like."
- Shawn Lane, Guitar Player, October 1992
"Brett is one of Australia's top talents..."
- Mike Varney, Guitar Player "Spotlight" column, July 1985