This page contains a selection of mp3 files of various tracks that Brett has played on. If you have a broadband connection, you can listen to a selection of these tracks using the audio player above. Some of these tracks are also available at Brett's page.

Slide Song Brett Garsed 7.08Mb | 128kbps MP3 Demo track showcasing Brett's slide work, recorded with the Flexi 50 and the ESP Horizon Custom.
THD Flexi 50 Demo Brett Garsed 2.5Mb | 128kbps MP3 Demo track showcasing THD's Flexi 50 amp. Read Brett's commentary.
Tube Zone Demo Brett Garsed 2.2Mb | 64kbps MP3 Demo track showcasing the Tube Zone overdrive pedal from MI Audio. Read Brett's commentary.
Got the Horn Brett Garsed - Big Sky 2.7Mb | 64kbps MP3 "Got the Horn" is track 7 from Brett's solo album, Big Sky.
Circle Mojo - Tapestry 1.7Mb | 64kbps MP3 "Circle" is track 1 from Mojo's Tapestry, featuring Brett, Kofi Baker (drums) & Ric Fierabracci (bass).
Burgers in Bed Dirty Martini - (unreleased live tune) 1.8Mb | 64kbps MP3 Dirty Martini is Brett, Toss Panos (drums) & Ric Fierabracci (bass), playing live at the Baked Potato. "Burgers in Bed" is an original tune recorded live.
Miss You Dirty Martini - (unreleased live tune) 3.9Mb | 64kbps MP3 "Miss You" is Dirty Martini's instrumental cover of the well-known Rolling Stones tune, recorded live.
Undoing (live) Dirty Martini 2.67Mb | 64kbps MP3 "Undoing" is Dirty Martini's live version of track 1 from Brett's solo album, Big Sky.
Unaccompanied Solo Various Artists - Guitar on the Edge 1.7Mb | 64kbps MP3 This track was recorded live on tour in Japan with Nelson.