THD Flexi 50 Demo

I used the ESP Horizon Custom with a DiMarzio Bluesbucker in the neck and a DiMarzio Virtual PAF in the bridge. The melody/solo is a complete pass (I did quite a few passes to get a decent one though!) so I used the front pickup at half volume. You can hear a gap in the playing where I switch to the back pickup and open the volume out to full. I'm just explaining this to indicate that there was no channel switching or guitar changing involved. It's all one guitar on the one amp setting using only the volume knob of the guitar and the dynamic of the hands.

It's the THD 2x12 cabinet with Celestion Vintage 80s mic'ed with a Shure SM57 off-axis about 5" from the speaker grill and at very quiet volume. I'm always concious of the neighbours! I didn't really muck around too much, just bang the mic in front of the speaker and get going.

I have a EL34 and 6L6 tube in the Flexi 50, runnning it on half power with the boost and master volume on. For live I'd probably like to have the option to switch the boost in and out but that's about it. The amp responds so dynamically that you can almost clean it up with the amount of attack you apply to the guitar.

I recorded it into Pro Tools LE 001 using the mic pres in the interface so it's all affordable consumer gear. Drums are courtesy of Groove Masters Mads Michelson CD, heavily edited to make it work! Bass is courtesy of yours truly so my apologies to all bass players everywhere.