Tube Zone Demo

This is a home recording using Pro Tools 001. Drums are courtesy of a great drum loop cd called "Groove Masters Drums" on East/West. Very cool cd! Bass is courtesy of yours truly.

I recorded all the guitars using a 1x12 Fender Deluxe combo close miked with a Shure SM57 just off the centre of the speaker. Bass on the amp was on zero while Mids, Treble and Presence were at 12 o clock. There are 6 guitar parts in total, 2 heavy rhythms each side, an ambient part recorded in stereo and the solo.

All the distortion and tone is coming from the Tube Zone pedal as the amp was on a totally clean setting. I used my ESP Horizon Custom with a DiMarzio Virtual PAF in the bridge and a Bluesbucker in the neck for all the parts and kept the guitar volume wide open throughout the song. Any variation in tone or gain is created purely by the hands so it's a good indication of the expressiveness and dynamic range of the Tube Zone.

Next song will be recorded using the THD Flexi 50!