New DVD/CD Package Deal!

8 July 2012

Rock Guitar Improvisation (DVD), Dark Matter (CD) & Big Sky (CD), all for US$35 + shipping!

All items will be personally signed by Brett.

Rock Guitar Improvisation + Dark Matter + Dark Matter
= US$35! (plus shipping)
Australian Orders (includes US$7 shipping):

DVD Format:
International Orders (includes US$16 shipping):

DVD Format:

How good is that?

Interview with Brett in Volume 10 of The Sound Guitar Magazine

24 August 2011

A really nice interview with Brett appears in Volume 10 of The Sound Guitar Magazine. It's a high-quality PDF magazine, and a free download at that! It features plenty of other cool content to keep you amused as well.

Here's a short YouTube video Brett prepared to accompany the article:

Dark Matter Review at FAME Website

13 August 2011

An odd place to review Brett's album (FAME stands for Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange), it's a nice review nonetheless (if you can abide the reviewer's penchant for comparison).

Interview with Brett at

13 August 2011

I somehow missed this one when it was fresh. It's about a year old now, but still worth checking out:

Interview with Brett at

Two More Dark Matter Reviews

Dark Matter

28 July 2011

Just picked up on two more reviews of Dark Matter, one at @b2jazz, and the other over at Guitar Noize.

Dark Matter Review at Guitar Instructor

22 July 2011

Another online review of Dark Matter has been posted at Without giving too much away, they like it...

Dark Matter Review at Guitar Instructor

10 July 2011

The first online review that I've seen of Dark Matter so far has been posted at Guitar Instructor. Check it out!

Dark Matter CDs Have Landed!

30 June 2011

The physical Dark Matter CDs have landed, and all pre-orders are in the process of being sent out. So, if you've been hanging off purchasing the CD until it was in stock, now's your chance! And remember, not only do all proceeds go directly to Brett when you purchase from the website, but Brett will also be personally signing each copy bought thusly.

Dark Matter Now Available on iTunes!

iTunes Store

29 June 2011

Dark Matter is now available from the iTunes Store. You can purchase the entire album or individual tracks. Please note however that the final track, "Enigma", is an 'album only' purchase.

You can find the album in the iTunes Store by clicking on the following link:

Dark Matter Now Available from CD Baby

25 June 2011

If you can't wait to get hold of Brett's new CD, or you've moved wholly into the digital age, Dark Matter is now available in MP3 format from CD Baby. Just click on the following link:

The album is priced at US$9.99, and individual tracks are US$1.11.

Brett has had word that the physical discs are making their way to him as I type, so if you prefer to buy the CD (or have already pre-ordered it), it's almost here! And don't forget, Brett will be signing each copy bought via the website.

Dark Matter CD Launch

Dark Matter

22 June 2011

Brett and band will be launching the new Dark Matter CD at The Evelyn Hotel on Wednesday August 3, with a follow-up show on Thursday August 4. The evening will also feature guest performances from bass virtuoso Ric Fierabracci, who will be out from the US for the launch. So if you're in the Melbourne area, and can make the event, it should be a fantastic night!

The Band

The Venue

Dark Matter - Now Available for Pre-order!

18 June 2011

Great news for those of you desperate to get in the queue for Brett's new album. The physical discs are still a couple of weeks away, but Brett has decided to make the CDs available on a pre-order basis as of today. This means that if you order and pay for your copy before the CD is actually available, Brett will sign and then ship yours out as soon as he has them. Of course, if you'd prefer to wait until they're 'in stock' (and we'll let you know about that right here), that's OK too. And you'll still get your copy signed by Brett! Either way, make sure you get a copy, as it's superb. Pre-order or not, it's priced at US$17 (includes shipping worldwide).

Pre-order with PayPal (US$17):

Dark Matter - New Album Coming Soon!

14 June 2011

Dark Matter

Brett's long-awaited follow-up to Big Sky is almost here! Entitled Dark Matter, this album is well-worth the wait. Please check out the generous audio samples below and hear how amazing it is for yourself! It's not available for sale just yet, but we're just waiting on the manufacturing to be completed. Tick tick tick...

Addendum! I forgot to mention this earlier, but Brett will be personally signing each copy sold via the website. We're hoping the album will be available through iTunes shortly after release too.


  1. Dark Matter
  2. Android
  3. If Only
  4. Avoid the Void
  5. James Bong (license to chill)
  6. Closure
  7. Poison Dwarf
  8. Be Here Now
  9. Enigma


Shred This 3 Competition

13 July 2010

Brett has provided the backing track for the new Shred This 3 competition. Check out the relevant page on YouTube, or watch the video below.

Here's some information on the competition by organiser Laurie Monk:

Brett wants you to play... so Shred This has lined up this awesome judging firepower:

The Prizes:

  1. Pick Your Own DiMarzio pickups!
  2. 10 pack Ultimate Fusion Tuition DVD set by Derry Gabel
  3. Ibanez DS7 distortion pedal from Magnus Olsson
  4. Rick Graham,Chris Brooks, Magnus Olsson in Melodic Soloists CD collection
  5. Tristan Klein - Universal Mojo CD

The Steps you need to take to enter:

  1. Download the backing track
  2. video your response solo
  3. and then post your video in response to this video
  4. Complete the entry form
  5. promote your video
  6. Win!

Backing Track Tip: BT chord sequence is Emin7 / Gmin7 / Bbmin7 / C#min7 and repeat. Key changes on every chord, scale wise one approach is to play Dorian based on the root of each chord (and of course minor pentatonic based on the root of each chord will work fine too).

All video Responses:

Derryl's DVD pack details:

What we are looking for: Great improvisation or composition. great tone, note selection A one take solo, no harmonies, no double tracking, just you with the backing track.

Brett Garsed's music:

Competition closes 15th August 2010 at 23:00 BST. We'll then shortlist as soon as we can, but it does take some time.

Laurie Monk thanks, Brett Garsed, Larry DiMarzio, Magnus Olsson, Rick Graham, Chris Brooks and Tom Quayle... and the ever present Shred Junior... G'day mate! And not forgetting you!

Brett appearing on John Denner's album Is This Thing On?

22 November 2009

Brett appears as one of the guest players on John Denner's new CD Is This Thing On? Other guests include Billy Sheehan and Phil Hilborne. John Denner is an amazing guitar player who was born without a right hand, and his CD can be purchased online.

Price of Rock Guitar Improvisation reduced for Aussie PayPal users

8 July 2008

Due to the exchange rate between the Australian and American dollars being close to parity, the Aussie dollar price on PayPal for the Rock Guitar Improvisation DVD has been reduced to match the US dollar price. Good news, I reckon!

Under the Lash of Gravity now on iTunes

7 June 2008

Under the Lash of Gravity (otherwise known as UTLOG), Brett's third—and much sought-after—collaboration with TJ Helmerich, is now available from iTunes. UTLOG did not get a commercial release, and has consequently been hard to find. Its welcome availability on iTunes will hopefully address this problem.

If the link above doesn't work for you, open iTunes manually and search for "Garsed and Helmerich". This should take you to the releveant location in the iTunes Store.

In other news, the Rock Improvisation DVD is available in the UK/Europe from Hamcor. This is welcome news for fans in that part of the world looking to buy locally.

Clinic in Canberra for August 2008

25 May 2008

Well, an update at long last! Due to the constraints imposed upon my time by work and family, I've had very little of it over the past year to attend to this site, and for that I apologise not only to all Brett's fans, but to Brett himself. I'm (more or less) back in the saddle now, and will hopefully be catching up on things over the coming weeks. We start with some excellent news for any Garsed fans in the Canberra area.

On Wednesday August 27, Brett and band will be doing a clinic in Canberra for ESP and Hughes & Kettner, courtesy of Davis Wheeler Music. Here's an excerpt from the press release:

Brett is an endorser of ESP guitars and Hughes & Kettner amplifiers and will be putting the gear through its paces in a set with a first class band that includes Farnham alumni Craig Newman on bass, Stuart Fraser on guitar and Angus Burchall on drums. A Q&A segment will also see Brett sharing his immense industry and musical knowledge.

Get along if you can!

Brett touring Australia with Paul Stanley in April

4 April 2007

Brett will be playing rhythm guitar and backing vocals for Paul Stanley during his "Live to Win" Austalian tour. The tour kicks off on April 11 at the Gold Coast, finishing in Adelaide on April 26. Check out Paul Stanley's MySpace page for more details and booking info.

Brett touring England in March

26 February 2007

For those of you who haven't checked the Gig Guide lately, Brett will be doing a few clinics in England in March, beginning Tuesday March 13. My understanding is that not all of these clinics are open to the public, so it's probably best to confirm with the venue first.

In other (old) news, Brett gets a mention in the February issue of Guitar Player magazine as one of their "101 Forgotten Greats & Unsung Heroes!". It's only brief, but very positive, though I won't republish the text here as GP might take a dim view...