Fuse Magazine

The latest from the virtuoso guitar duo of Brett Garsed and T. J. Helmerich is a departure stylistically from their previous two releases. It still displays the strong musicianship of the band (which this time out, sees the inclusion of drum virtuoso Virgil Donati) but it adds a more industrial vibe and includes a turntable operator as well as an increased vocal presence from T. J.

Odd meters combine with strong vocals and excellent legato guitar playing in a powerful mix of progressive modern music that could appeal simultaneously to fans of different styles of music, from high quality rock or prog to fusion.

The tracks "Ever Be" or "Galactic Waterhole" will please fans of latter day King Crimson while "Nemesis" would excite Rage Against the Machine fans. Production is uniformly excellent, as usual, with T.J. engineering and mixing.

Dave Dorkin