Eric Vandenberg
Eric talks to Brett about his solo album, Big Sky, over here at
Salvatore Vecchio
Salvatore conducted this interview for the Shredding Italia site, and it's used here with his generous permission.
One On One With Brett Garsed
An interview that first appeared in the July/August 2001 issue of Brother Harmony.
Guitar Chef
Brett talks to Matt Cafissi at the Guitar Chef website, circa 2000/2001.
Guitar Nine
Brett and TJ talk to Randy Allar at the Guitar Nine website.
Brett talks to Souvik Dutta about making Big Sky on the AbstractLogix website.
Richard Hallebeek
Guitar player Richard Hallebeek presents a transcript of his interview with Brett for Music Maker magazine. Brett played on Richard's album, which also featured Shawn Lane.
Guitarist Heaven
An interview with Brett on the Guitarist Heaven website, dated June 6 2003.
Web Archive
An older interview originally published on the Rock Reunion website.
Australian Musician Online
A recent interview on the Australian Musician Online website.
The Essential Guitarist
Brett talks to this relatively new online magazine about making Big Sky and his approach to making music.
Ricky Garcia conducts an audio interview with Brett for Jemfest radio. The full interview is available as an mp3 download.
The Dividing Line
Cal Bowmaker conducts an audio interview with Brett for Internet radio station The Dividing Line. The entire 2h 20m interview is available in Real Player format.
An older interview (circa Uncle Moe's Space Ranch) conducted by Steve Turner.
Musica Live
Brett talks to Italian website Musica Live, with English and Italian versions available.
Metal Theater
Interview with Brett published on July 15, 2006.
Interview with Brett published in August 2010.