These tablature files are neither endorsed by Brett nor guaranteed to be accurate (with the obvious exception of those provided by Brett himself), but are generously contributed by Brett Garsed fans and enthusiasts from around the world.

Please feel free to email me if you wish to contribute tabs of your own. (You'll need Adobe Acrobat reader to read the PDF files, and Powertab [Windows only] to read the Powertab files.)

Tabs by Brett Garsed:
Burn For You PDF (119kb)
Loch Rannoch PDF (315kb)

Tabs by Antonio Soncina:
A Musical Oasis Awaits Us PDF (87kb) | Powertab (7kb)
Fearless PDF (77kb) | Powertab (5kb)
Miranda PDF (93kb) | Powertab (9kb)
Subway PDF (74kb) | Powertab (5kb)

Tabs by Adolfo Aguilera:
Loch Rannoch PDF (102kb) | Powertab (6kb)
Horizon Dream PDF (89kb) | Powertab (4kb)
Swarming Goblets PDF (102kb) | Powertab (3kb)
You're the Bossa PDF (118kb) | Powertab (7kb)
Don't Tell Me it Can't Be Done PDF (88kb) | Powertab (3kb)
The Myth PDF (48kb) | Powertab (7kb)

Tabs by Sean Clancy:
Licks from Drowning -1 PDF (53kb) | Powertab (2kb)
Licks from Drowning -2 PDF (52kb) | Powertab (1kb)